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New Year, New Vision Board. Now What?

As we welcome 2022 with open arms (in a perfect, post-COVID world, of course), we can’t help but ask ourselves if it’s time we create a new vision board. Do we need a physical version, or will a digital version suffice? Are we still using magazines, or have we moved towards planner-style boards? Do we need 15+ goals or only four to five? Do vision boards even work? What does work even mean?!

It can be overwhelming to lay what seems like all of your life goals onto a single sheet of posterboard. After all, our lives are consistently going through waxing and waning phases, and who we are and what we want can change significantly from year to year. However, while it may seem a little daunting, vision boards are the perfect tools for taking a yearly “pulse check” on our lives.

Consider a pulse check as your yearly life check-up. Here’s the time to ask yourself, Do I still want the same things I wanted two, three years ago? Are my goals the same, or have they shifted? Your pulse check gives you the space you need to put your current lifestyle into perspective and analyze each area for growth opportunities. A pulse check can also give you the nudge you need to know that you’re on the right path or that you may need to stop and reevaluate a few things. 

So, in short, yes, you need a new vision board. But now what?

Creating your vision board is always the fun part. You can make it as straightforward or as lively as you want it to be, with as many goals as your poster board can hold! But after the paint dries and the glitter glue flakes away, it’s time for the actual work. You can 100% make your vision board “work” for you, and here are three simple post-creation steps to get you started: 

Take a break. While fun, vision boards are a task all their own. You deserve to step away for a moment to take a breather. Try not to overwhelm yourself with all of your big ideas, and remember that you don’t have to have it all figured out in a day (or a week, or even a year).

Prioritize your goals. No matter how many plans you create, big or small, consider prioritizing them by completion date or level of importance. This will help reduce the overwhelming feeling when you realize your world domination goals have a deadline.

Create an Action Plan. Speaking of deadlines, a vision board without a strategy is just an aesthetically pleasing poster. This year, we’re creating actionable plans to help us achieve our exciting new goals. To make your action plan, break each of your larger goals into smaller, more digestible goals. Then, split your new, smaller goal into even smaller action tasks that you can work on each week to help you achieve your larger goal. To help you get started, use this as a sample layout:

  1. Large Goal: In 2022, I want to update my wardrobe.
  2. Smaller Goal: To edit my wardrobe, I need to create space in my closet by creating donation bags for my local shelter.
  3. Action Tasks (in this case, these are in no particular order):
    1. Locate clothing donation sites in my area
    2. Determine my 2022 ideal style goals by finding inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
    3. Schedule a date for a closet cleanup to create my donation bags

The list can go on and on! Find ways to make your goals attainable for your lifestyle.

Vision boards were never meant to be scary, and they don’t have to be! They’re a fun, creative way to visualize the life you want for yourself, and vision boards can help you create a plan with actionable steps to get you there. After such a crazy 2021, enjoy this moment of still envisioning your future the way you want it to look. Take your time, think deeply, and allow your vision board to work for you. 

Happy creating, and enjoy 2022!

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