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What Are Your Excuses for not Decluttering?

According to Gretchen Rubin, there are nine common myths about clearing the clutter. Click the link to see if you have any of these problems. 


This is a great article that I’m sure many can relate to. It gives you something to think about. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say at least two of those excuses; I know I have. I don’t accumulate to much clutter. I will toss things out at the bat of an eye. After reading this article, I feel pretty good that I don’t use any of these excuses. Do you?

Over the years, clutter can get out of hand. It’s ok to thow stuff out, even if someone gave it to you. It takes time to go through things and declutter, but it can be done. Make the time one day, it doesn’t only clear out spaces in your home, but it clears your mind.

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