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We specialize in creating caring, functional, conscious solutions that enhance your home’s beauty, maximize your spaces, and simplify your everyday life.

What if your home was a haven of comfort and joy for genuinely free living?

Let us create home spaces that work for you instead of feeling like an overtime job—systems for everyday people that don’t require perfection but bring easy and effective organization solutions to make your home a well-ordered haven. 

Genuinely Organized has passionately served clients with professional home organization services across Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and surrounding areas of Duval and St. John’s counties since 2019. Our clients, like you, care about their homes and families, and we care deeply about helping them find functional ways to simplify their lives and embrace order.

Helping others organize their homes and create more delightful, stress-free spaces is our mission. With every project, our goal is to teach you the easiest way to maintain your home and keep it organized. We put our heart into every project we do and love seeing the impactful differences that simple changes make for our clients.

Genuinely Organized was born from a love and passion for organizing and design.

Our Mission


People are born with many natural and unique skill sets—mine just happens to be organization. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t organizing and finding joy in rearranging rooms. Even as a child growing up in Kenner, Louisiana, outside the colorful culture of New Orleans, I would rearrange furniture around my house. From a young age, I knew my organized space made for happier days.

Following a corporate career, I took up my passion with Genuinely Organized to help families and individuals move beyond the clutter to clarity and from stress to serenity.

Owner of Genuinely Organized

Hi, I'm Rekita Brown.


Outline zones with masking tape to create areas for various belongings, like sports equipment, paint and home repair supplies, and overflow paper goods. 

Use vertical space by installing a pegboard and hooks to hang garden tools, lawn chairs, and extension cords. 

For Genius Garages

Opt for digital billing for utility, mortgage, and car statements. 
Have a bin on your desk for papers that need your immediate attention. It’s hard to forget what you need to tend to when you pass it daily.
Install a couple of shallow shelves beneath your cabinets for dishes, spices, or wine glasses. 

For Peace With Your Papers

Use glass storage for airtight food storage options. 
Put your packaged goods and bottles in clear containers or wire baskets so you’ll always see what you have.

For Smart Storage

Box up and store seldom-used or seasonal items to clear space.
Install a couple of shallow shelves beneath your cabinets for dishes, spices, or wine glasses. 

For Clutter-Free Counters

Some of My Favorite Home Organizing Hacks

Let’s Cure the Clutter

Ready for genuine organizing to invite calm into your home?


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