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We specialize in creating caring, functional, conscious solutions that enhance your home’s beauty, maximize your spaces, and simplify your everyday life.

Genuinely Organized is a premier home organization service that offers Senior & Speciality Move Management services and is dedicated to transforming spaces for families by clearing clutter, inviting calm, and teaching people simple ways to maintain order.

When Genuinely Organized enters your home or office, it becomes a JUDGMENT-FREE ZONE.

Genuinely Organized is dedicated to serving Jacksonville (Duval County), St. Augustine (St. John’s County), and the communities of e-Town and SilverLeaf.

Our reliable and trustworthy team helps on-the-go moms, time-crunched professionals, older adults and their families, and real people exchange time spent searching for misplaced items, dealing with frustration, and managing clutter for finding tranquility through organization systems that seamlessly align with their unique lifestyles.


Our Promise

Overwhelmed by crowded kitchen counters and overstuffed cabinets?

Tired of maneuvering around piles of tools and random items in your garage?

Feel like your pantry is playing hide-and-seek with your ingredients? 

Exhausted from the daily scavenger hunt for your keys, wallet, or phone have you feeling like you’ve worked before even getting out the door?

Worn out from working in the paper-storm of your office space?

Stressed out while planning for a move for yourself or an older adult and wondering when you’ll find time to pack and unpack?

Is your house more of a headache than a help?

Ease and Efficiency

Functional Clutter Cures

Delightful Spaces

Purposed Pantries

Streamlined Solutions

It’s Time To Stress Less And Live More.

Let Genuinely Organized perfectly order your home from day one with our 

Our team will take on your boxes, unpack your belongings, and beautifully put everything in its place. The best move you can make is starting fresh with a Genuinely Organized home!

signature unpacking services!


You deserve a harmonious home to unwind, spend time with those you love, and recharge.

Let Genuinely Organized perfectly order your home from day one with our                                                                                     Our team will take on your boxes, unpack your belongings, and beautifully put everything in its place. The best move you can make is starting fresh with a Genuinely Organized home!

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Let us help with:

Organized Spaces That Bring Out The Best YOU.


- Rekita

I’m Rekita Brown, Owner of Genuinely Organized, and I'm on a mission to bring joy and ease into your life by designing organized home spaces that bring our clients life-changing results. 

Each family and individual's needs differ, so we take a caring and conscientious approach to home-organizing services. Organizing is more than a job for me; it's a passion that defines my life. An orderly home will help you start each day more happy and motivated.

I look forward to serving you with solutions for long-term organizing success.

My Mission Is To Make Your House Feel Like Home.


You’ll find calm and joy in a functional home.


We’ll create a plan for your space and assess the materials we need and what existing items we can repurpose. 


Get a quote by calling, emailing, or completing our online form. 


Are You Ready To Bring Your Organized Home Vision to Us? Here’s Our Process.


- Lori l.

"I finally have a system to manage incoming mail, important documents, and pending projects. My files are stored in beautiful baskets and bins … everything is easily accessible … and my office is finally functional. Thank you Genuinely Organized, for turning the clutter and chaos into an orderly and organized space."

"So happy with my home office makeover!"

- Rochelle, b.

Rekita worked tirelessly to not only help us get unpacked but she organized things I never thought about. We were unpacked and settled with great organization! Our friends could not believe we got settled in so fast. Moving is already stressful but if you have the right help, it can actually be joyful. Our college kids are home for the summer and are actually putting things away because they know where to put them. Those labels are life-changing! If you're moving, need help decluttering or just want to get more organized, don't hesitate to hire Rekita with Genuinely Organized! You won't be disappointed!

"We hired Rekita to help us with our recent move."

- john b.

"She’s not only nice and professional, but she's also very knowledgeable on how to maximize the space she's working in. She recommend proper shelving, and bins and came up with a plan to store it all. After Rekita was done, we are now able to put 3 cars in the garage. By the end of the project, I booked her to organize my closet, and now I also have a well-organized closet."

"I hired Rekita with Genuinely Organized to organize my 3-car garage."

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