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Time for Spring Cleaning: How to Determine What to Donate, Sell, or Toss.

It’s time for Spring cleaning, and deciding what to donate, sell, or toss can be tricky to navigate. While there are no “rules” on what to do with your precious items, there are a few ways to tackle the clutter this season. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Clothes and Shoes

Donate: If you have gently worn items you either no longer wear, have outgrown, or no longer fit your current style, consider donating these to a friend or family member, local shelter, or a second-hand shop.*

Sell: For the items that were a bit on the pricier side, such as custom pieces or designer items, consider selling rather than donating! You can contact local high-end consignment shops to get an estimate on the value.

Toss: If the clothes are bordering “irreparable” status, such as holes or burn marks, consider tossing rather than rehoming.

*As a special side note, we all know the euphoria feeling when we’re cleaning out our closets and come across pieces we forgot we had. Try your best to think strategically about keeping these items: are you keeping them because you can actually repurpose them into a great outfit, or are you keeping them solely because you can’t let them go?

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Donate: If you have more dishes than space, it may be time to consider donating the items you no longer use. Many local shelters offer “starter” kits for residents moving into their own homes, and cups, bowls, and plates are always welcomed donations.

Sell: Are some of your items antique or brand new? Selling these items may be the better option.

Toss: If items are broken, drop them in the “toss” pile!

Furniture and Home Decor

Donate: During the Spring cleaning season, many people decide to redecorate their homes to create a more refreshed look. Here’s your chance to donate the items that no longer fit your aesthetic. If the piece you have in mind is odor-free and has minimal (if any damage), the donation pile may be worthwhile.

Sell: Are you thinking of donating items with hefty price tags? If the piece still looks and feels brand new, consider selling it on a marketplace or to a local second-hand shop.

Toss: Pet stains? Ripped leather? Cushions damaged beyond repair? Toss!


Donate: If you’ve read a book multiple times and aren’t anticipating you’ll read it again anytime soon, consider donating your gently used books to a local shelter or library.

Sell: If you have signed copies or collector’s editions of classic books, consider selling these! Get your books appraised by a reputable bookseller, then keep them clean, dusted, and wrapped until you decide to move forward with a buyer.

Toss: Water damage? Torn or missing pages? Toss pile!

Dedicate time to cleaning your space this Spring. Your mental clarity will thank you!

Photo Credit: Canva

Guest Author: Nahtyka Jolly

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